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Mainstreaming Urban Nature-based Solutions

The India Forum for Nature-based Solutions brings together entrepreneurs, solution providers, research organizations, academia, civil society, technical experts, government agencies and policy makers to strengthen climate resilience across Indian cities.

What the India Forum for Nature-based Solutions aims to achieve?

Climate-proof 100 million residents and infrastructure worth $100 billion in Indian cities by 2030
The Forum is the first-of-its-kind platform of engagement on urban NbS in India. The Forum will harness the power of the collective to mainstream ecosystem services and nature-based solutions via peer-to-peer exchange of best practices, technical training and knowledge sharing.

Our Approach

Capacitating stakeholders through trainings, tools, and resources

Raising awareness through communication and stakeholder engagement

Facilitating opportunities to demonstrate and scale up urban NbS solutions

Inform policymaking through strategy and collective knowledge sharing

Driving investment and strengthening delivery mechanisms

Partners and supporters

The Forum is an initiative by Cities4Forests with a core group of partners working across the ecosystem.

The increasing impact of climate change

Did you know 63% of untreated sewage from urban areas flow into rivers and about 50% of municipal solid waste generated end up in landfill sites? Increased heat waves and droughts, frequent urban floods and poor air quality plague our cities. Nature-based solutions could help urban India better address these challenges.

Nature-based solutions come in all shapes and sizes

NbS interventions are of varying scales from urban rooftop farms at the building level to urban parks and raingardens at the neighbourhood level to wetland and mangrove restoration and conservation at a regional scale.

A case for nature-based solutions in our cities

Nature-based solutions (NbS) needs to be integrated with climate mitigation and adaptation actions. Indian cities must shift from relying only on engineered solutions to adopting NbS, or hybrid NbS, to increase and restore environmental resources, address societal ills and strengthen climate resilience.