India Forum for Nature-based Solutions Launches the Knowledge Compendium and Research Program at Connect Karo 2023

India Forum for Nature-based Solutions Launches the Knowledge Compendium and Research Program at Connect Karo 2023

The potential of urban nature-based solutions has yet to be fully realized in India. There is still limited awareness, experience and documented evidence with NbS in Indian cities and available knowledge on NbS models, impact measurement framework, and operations and maintenance methodologies are yet to be tailored or adapted to the Indian experience.

To address these knowledge gaps and support local research, the India Forum for Nature-based Solutions launched an online case study compendium at WRI India’s flagship event – Connect Karo 2023. This will be a dynamic repository of innovative examples of urban NbS implementation across the country. Along with the compendium, the Forum Research Program was also launched, details of which are below – 

  1. Through the Research Program, the Forum will support at least three research projects annually and we invite entries for the same.
  2. The Forum’s core partners will provide expertise or identify external experts to provide review and oversight over the course of the research.
  3. The Forum will also conduct two research symposiums inviting a committee of experts from within the Forum’s partner organisations and their networks to assist researchers with the scoping and definition of research question and help sharpen findings and recommendations.
  4. The final research reports will be widely disseminated by the Forum and its partners through the website and events. Researchers are also encouraged to publish their research through peer reviewed journals with due credit provided to the Forum for supporting the research.

More details on the call for proposals are available here. Entries close 31st August 2023

Research Program by the India Forum for Nature-based Solutions 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Who is eligible to apply for the research program?
  1. Applications are welcome from doctorate students, individual researchers, practitioners and firms/organizations (as per FCRA guidelines) with demonstrated track records working in the nature-based solutions space.
  2. Individual applicants can be based in India or any other country.
  3. A research team/organization can have researchers who are based in India and/or other countries.
  1. What are the research topics that will be supported through the research program?

Topic 1: Framework to help decide when and what kind of Nature-based solutions to implement

Topic 2: Landscape assessment for investment in Nature-based solutions

Topic 3: Nature-based Solutions Operations and Maintenance Toolkit

  1. Can I narrow down the research to focus on a specific mature-based solution (for e.g., constructed wetlands for sewage treatment)?

No, we would like the research to cover a diverse typology and cases of NbS solutions including diverse set of stakeholders, multiple geographies, business models and other aspects as applicable to a research topic.  

  1. What geography must the research project cover?

The research project must specifically cover NbS solutions in  urban and/ or peri-urban geography. 

  1. How do I apply to the research programme?

Email us at with 

  1. Subject: Research Program_Landscape_Organisation/Applicant Name
  2. A cover letter detailing experience, team profile and approach
  3. CVs of team members
  4. Any previous research products

Please note that specify subject of the email in accordance with research topic you are applying for:  

Topic 1 – Research Program_Framework_Organisation/Applicant Name  

Topic 2 – Research Program_Landscape_Organisation/Applicant Name 

Topic 3 – Research Program_Toolkit_Organisation/Applicant Name 

  1. Can I apply for more than one topic?

Yes, you may apply to more than one topic, however selection will be determined on the details in the application and not based on the number of applications. 

  1. Do I need to submit a detailed research proposal that will include aim, objective, and methodology?

No, a detailed proposal is not required. Please stick to the required documents as specified in FAQ no. 5. You may highlight brief details about the methodology that you plan to adopt for your research in the cover letter

  1. Will this be a virtual programme?

Yes, the research programme will be virtual. This means that all coordination and meetings between the selected research team/individual and the Forum will be online. However, travels and meetings as required to fulfil primary research requirements within the scope of the research topic will need to be undertaken by the selected research team/individual. 

  1. What is the expected time commitment from the researcher for a research project?

There are no specific time expectations from the research team/individual. The scope of work and deliverables need to be completed as specified in the RfP document.  

  1. What is the last date for submitting the application?

Submit your application to for the research topic of your interest by the 31 August, 11:59 PM.  

  1. When will the shortlist be announced?

15th September 2023 

  1. Any other queries?

Contact us at